Saturday, 22 March 2014

Confidence or Clarity of mind? which one is more important?

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Confidence is regarded as very important factor for success. People who are not confident, doubt whatever they are doing and can't even give their 100% in the work.
If one is not confident about his work then the first thought that will come to his mind is "what will others say about this?" One thing very important at this point is, the one who you fear will talk about whatever you are doing are(may) not expert about the topic. It's good if they are expert, because they may be saying it through their own experience but if they are not expert then they are not worth listening. For eg: if you have fever, then doctors are expert about that but sometimes(most of the times), we become expert ourselves and go and buy cetamol from the drug store and consume it. Sometimes, it may work perfectly well but in case that fever was symptom of jaundice, trust me you are doomed. You have done exactly what you should not be doing. And if you have never experienced this exceptional case of jaundice, you go on suggesting your youngers about what they should be doing when they suffer from fever.
It's OK you risk your own life, but what right have you got to risk other's life? If you are not expert, then why are you even giving advice at first place? And trust me there are many more fools on the planet who give advices even when they have no idea about what they are talking. We can listen to any number of advices we want but at the end we should take decisions on our own. If we have to take decision on our own at the end, why should we be bothered about what others will say! Whatever happens, we will bear the consequences ourselves, so there is no need to fear 'what other's will say'. I want to be clear can listen to many advices but should do what you think is right and never meant to say that you should not listen to anyone. Playing deaf ear to all is not a good idea either.
So, confidence on whatever we are doing is first step towards success but is it complete? There are lots of confident people on the road who cross the road like a king, without even looking at vehicles. Till date, they are living probably by chance or maybe drivers have been showing some sympathy. If they think, it is miracle or god is saving them from somewhere...they are IDIOTS. If you chant your favourite chant, whatever it may be:- have mercy go, oh jesus, oh allah, oh ram or whatever and run blindly on the highway, there are chance that you may cross the road safely and there are chances that you may cross it not once, not twice but numerous times but you are IDIOT and any next time can  be your last one. And yes, no arguments over that issue, I have nothing against having faith in god but please don't rename your stupidity to faith or devotion or religion. You are completely an IDIOT, you are just confident on something and numerous experiences are adding to your confidence, increasing your irresponsibility to street rules. And someone may come and say, who will do that in real? trust me, there are lots of IDIOTS on the street.
I will try to make my point clear,confidence alone is not enough in our life. We need clarity of mind. Clarity of mind does not come from reading lots of books or listening to what other's say. If we read books then we are limited to author's experience. Clarity of mind comes into existence when we have a peaceful mind. A mind which keeps on worrying on various topics all the time may not suggest you the right thing. When time comes where you have to take decisions then calm mind will definitely give best answers. And mind can be brought to peace by stop worrying and through our very own experience we can say that, we cannot stop worrying by saying we need to stop worrying. 
One way we can experience peace of mind is meditation.Nowadays, meditation is practised by many successful people and I think everyone in the world should do this. Not much but atleast 10 minutes a day. 
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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Frog turns deaf when all four limbs are cut

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Let me share a story shared by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

Once a research was conducted with a frog. At first frog was let to jump and it jumped 20 feet, then 1 limb was cut, frog jumped 15 feet, then 2 limbs were cut, now frog jumped 10 feet again next limb was cut; frog jumped 5 feet. At last all feet were cut and frog was ordered to jump but it didn't jump.
They concluded"frog becomes deaf when all four legs are cut".

Conclusion: Don't try to reach conclusion from single point of view.
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