Monday, 22 December 2014

Goodness is noone's responsibilty

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Once upon a time there was a politician who never took bribe. Day and night, he used to think how he can work for the welfare of the people and nation. Generally such people never reach to the powerful position but luckily he became a minister of state.

Next day one of his distant relative came saying, "will you use your power and get me nice government officer?" Politician said no. The relative returned sad and when he was back to village, he said to everyone, "now the politician has become a big man, he have forgotten his relatives, he act as if he doesn't need his relatives". He was not proud his relative politician was not corrupt. Next day at the coffee shop, he reads newspaper and says, "look all these corrupt leaders, it's because of them, my country has not progressed".

Next day a good social worker went to meet mr. politician and reminded him how worse was the condition of road in the village and now mr. politician was in power he should do something about it. With the effort of mr. politician, the amount needed for road development was sanctioned and the work was started.

Mr. relative was at the tea shop when all people were praising combined effort of mr. social worker and mr. social worker. Mr. relative said, "they surely must have done some embezzlement". Whole village believed and then went on to confront Mr. social worker. Mr. social worker was innocent but no one would believe him. Soon Mr. social worker left village and went somewhere else.

A teacher came from city with the aim of improving education in the village. Educational condition of the students was very poor. Thus he decided to provide extra tuition classes. But soon the villagers protested saying, teacher is spoiling their kids by keeping them whole day at school. There children now never do any work at home, the teacher has ruined the discipline of all the children. Teacher had to leave the village too.

There can be so many stories, In each of the stories those who try to do something are questioned but one who do nothing are never questioned. Everyone believes negative feedback blindly but goodness is no-one's responsibility.
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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Difference: knowing god and singing

What's the difference between people who believe in god or who don't?
ans : There is no difference at all. They both are talking about something they don't know. No one has seen god unless they have some illusionary disease like 'Munna bhai' from 'Lage Raho Munna Bhai' who used to see Mahatma Gandhi. After reading this paragraph, people may think i don't believe in god but my thinking is slightly different and inspired by Sadhguru. Instead of blindly arguing about belief and disbelief, i like to question myself, does this argument takes me any closer to truth? will I realise god through this argument? What's even more important for me is, will I know myself? There is no point in knowing something else if we don't even know ourself.

Personally I hate these conflicts, created by so called fanatics of religion. Every religion is great, if you make proper study of your own religion you will ultimately know the truth, you will all loving and all caring. But for that you have to reach the pinnacle. Why I say pinnacle is because, there are various misbeliefs for starters spread for their own benefits. One such belief is that, follow just one religion and stick to it. This is misbelief that newbies need to follow strictly if they want to excel further. If there was no such rule, then people will just jump from one religion to another and reach nowhere. They will not know essence of even one religion and they will bring conflict. Next paragraph may be able to give reason behind this jumping nature.

Human is fascinated by new things. A youth gets excited when new model of phone comes in the market, a child gets excited when he sees new toy in the market and the list may go on. New things are exciting. First few days after buying a new mobile, we keep on playing with it and after few days or few months, same mobile is no more exciting. Eventually you want to get rid of it.

Same with religion, they look exciting and faultless at the beginning and then slowly you start to find faults. Here is the time when you need to stick with your religion. Once you pass this level, you will know, some of those faults you saw was due to lack of your own maturity and some were actually in need of change. No religion is faultless, but jumping from one to another is the stupidest thing to do!

Ok, why am I writing this?
I conduct meditation classes for kids. And religion conversion is so active in nepal that wherever I go, I find some kids who were recently changed into Christian. They refuse to say names of any hindu god. There is no problem with this belief but I think this is extreme! But again this may have been said to them to help them stick to one path. I don't interfere with their belief, but I just want to make sure no kids have grudge over other's religion. So I do something else in class.

I ask them, if I faint here while I am conducting the class, who will take me to hospital?
Children shout, "we will"
Then I say-" so that will save my life, that means you are god for me?"
children- yes
Me- ok, if something happens to your friend, will you take them to hospital?
Children- yes
Me- then aren't you god for your friend?
Children- yes
Me- so the god is within each of us, don't seek him outside. Everyone of you is god. Saying the name of god from other religion or not won't make any difference as long as you know everyone of you is god. You are free to choose.

Recently a famous singer said, she doesn't want to sing songs with names of hindu gods and then whole nation is about to go crazy. Comments are being passed, people are even saying bitch and other words which i will never write in my blog. Immaturity of both the singer and commenter is wide spread over the walls of social networks.

Two things I want to say in this condition are:
  1. 1.Being popular means many people know them, not that whatever they do or say is right.
  2. 2.Ageing and maturity are two completely different things, ageing is natural and unstoppable and maturity comes by continuous effort of practising right thing.
This gives her every right to pass that thought. People who know the big picture of religion know that she was taught that so that she doesn't keep on jumping from one religion to another. Nation may not be able to hear her voice singing the name of gods. There are other good singers who are willing to do this.

Singing may come naturally, knowing god takes lots of effort. A popular singer's view on religion need not be counted. Only a good guru can guide you in the quest of finding god and good guru is again hard to find. Lets not pass stupid comments about this situation.

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Wednesday, 3 September 2014


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There is a three way road…one goes directly to the destination but you cannot walk on it before walking on second..second ends just before the destination is reached…third reaches the destination but you have to go through the first….which way you should walk?
I saw this as facebook status of my teacher, at first I thought this question had no answer.
Next thought that came to my mind was what was this path of!
Then I assumed it was path of life, then answer was clear to me, one that can help me reach destination was third one. I cannot walk on third without going through first one and again second one before walking the first one. So second path is a must walk. We won’t reach destination but there is no escape. It looks like one time failure is not end to all of the possibility.
After walking on second, we can walk on first which will take us to our destination and then it opens third path.
I learned a beautiful lesson that, if you are not afraid of failing and even go on after failing once or twice or whatever times one has to then the path to success will open and once you are successful many more paths will open.
This may not be the exact answer the questioner was seeking, but it is my way of solving the question. Can you solve it by any other means? Do comment 
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Tuesday, 2 September 2014


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The story of Sage Ashtavakra’s marriage is found in the Anusasana Parva of the Mahabharata. The sage wanted to marry Suprabha, daughter of Sage Vadanya. Ashtavakra disclosed his love for Suprabha to her father. Sage Vadanya decided to test Ashtavakra before giving his daughter’s hand.
Ashtavakra should go north to the Himalayas pay homage to Shiva and Parvati and further go north and talk to a beautiful woman residing there. When Ashtavakra returns successfully, he will win the hands of Suprabha.
Sage Ashtavakra accepted the challenge and he went north. First, he went to the palace of Kubera. Here, the treasurer of the gods entertained him. He then went further north and had darshan of Shiva and Goddess Parvati.
He then went further north and met a beautiful woman named Uttara. The woman tried to entice Ashtavakra in many ways. But the Sage did not fall for her tricks. Finally, Uttara asked the sage to marry her.
Ashtavakra denied her request by saying that he was in love with Suprabha and will only marry her.
Uttara was pleased with the Sage and revealed her true form. She was the queen of the north and was testing the fidelity of the sage.
She then blessed the sage and helped him in his early return.
Sage Ashtavakra successfully returned and married Suprabha.
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Wednesday, 27 August 2014


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 My message on the occasion of  Teej
Those who don't understand essence of fasting; it is just a torture for them where they are not allowed to eat....
if you are among these then please understand, when you fast in the name of god, or for husband or for any cause, the effect not being related to cause but the action of fasting, fasting will only effect you.
It is scientifically proven that fasting increases your satvic gunas (i.e. feel light, calm,serene and more receptive mind)
Happy teej to everyone, please don't take fasting as a burden, let's save our culture and don't fast if you are already diseased in such a way that fasting is dangerous to you.
Ok let's understand the festival Teej now,

Literally, "teej" means "third". Therefore Teej falls on the third day after the moonless night (Amavasya) and the third day after the full moon night of every month which means there are 24 teej each year. However, the third day after the new moon or Amavasya of Shraavana (श्रावण) month is the most important Teej.

Teej is celebrated over three days:
1st day is day of feast which is also called 'dar khane din'. The essesnce of this day is that feast is hosted by gentleman. Women who spend most of the time of the year cooking and serving others get freedom from cooking, they spend all day dressing up and make up to full extent. (please don't curse me, if these thing don;t happen these days). They sing and dance on this day.

2nd day is the day of fasting. Some women live without a morsel of food and drops of water while others take liquid and fruit. The fasting is observed by both married and unmarried women. The main puja (religious ceremony) takes place with offerings of flowers, fruits, etc., made to Shiva and his wife goddess Parvati, beseeching them to grant their blessing upon the husband and family. The important part of the puja is the oil lamp which should be alight throughout the night. It is believed that by the lightening of oil lamp all night long will bring peace and prosperity to the husband and entire family.

3rd day  is Rishi Panchami which is celebrated as a day of purification. On this day women pay homage to seven saints or sages and offer praying to various deities and bathe with red mud found on the roots of the sacred datiwan bush, along with its leaves after which women are considered absolved from all their sins.

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My reaction to spiritual myths I frequently hear

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Here are some myths about spiritual people:

1. They should not get angry
2. They don't fall in love
3. They won't marry
4. They should be aged
5. They should be vegetarian
6. They are religious
7. They will have long beard
8. They don't go to gym
9. They don't know about latest technology.
10. They can't have 10-5 kind of job
11. They only listen to bhajans and not the latest songs

I'm spiritual,
but sorry to disappoint you,
 i don't have long beard and hair
My reaction to each of these:

1. LOL, so that you can exploit them? They may be trained to show anger without actually getting angry, be careful.
2. LOL again, why? Is that Newton's law of love?
3. LOL, specially aunties think so, why?
4. LOL, gone are the days when people were spiritual in their old age, spirituality is the need of modern society, even 8 year old must meditate.
5. eventually they may be veg. but not compulsarily.
6. how is that even related?
7. long hair too.... the babaji in tv looks like that, isn't it?
8. Again, what's the relation? I have many friends who go to gym and do yogas too.
9. LOL, truly spiritual people love technology. Afterall they practice timeless technology like meditation.
10. LOL, not every spiritual person is a wandering saint, they can have regular lifestyle too.
11. LOL, don't underestimate the wide varieties of songs they listen to.

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Sunday, 17 August 2014


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When people come to know that you meditate, first question that strikes in their mind is “what happens when you meditate?”
People every now and then come to me asking whether what they experienced during meditation is right or wrong. They want to know how do I feel during meditation. I have been meditating since last 2 years and beginners assume that I am doing right meditation as I am experienced and they might be doing it wrong way.
Yes there are right and wrong way of doing meditation but there is nothing to worry if you have found right master.
The myth of meditation: meditation is concentrating on something.
This is so wrong, meditation is not concentration but concentration is the outcome of meditation. Meditation is simple process of observing thoughts and meditation cannot happen by trying to stop some thoughts or flowing with some thoughts. I don’t know if I’m going little bit deeper but this post is not aimed to teach you how to meditate.
Now answering the question from the topic, what should be your experience in meditation? The answer is: each and everyone who meditates has his/her own experience and every time s/he meditates it is a unique experience. So asking someone, what should be the experience in meditation is just illegal question. One who is not foolish will never start essay of his/her experience but s/he will just say everyone has their own experience every time they sit for meditation.
However 3 golden rules of meditation are always applicable:
  1. I am no one.
  2. I do nothing.
  3. I want nothing.
One should follow these three rules while sitting for meditation.
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Saturday, 16 August 2014


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The 18th shloka in Hanuman Chalisa talks about Hanuman jumping to sun thinking it is a fruit. It is now suggested that the particular shloka in Hanuman Chalisa calculates the distance between earth and sun. Hanuman Chalisa was written during the 15th Century.
The 18th Shloka reads like this:
Yuga Sahastra Yojan Par Bhanu
Liliyo Tahi Madhur Phal Janu
Yuga means the sum of Four Yugas (1 complete Mahayuga) with unit in divine years. Sahastra is 1000. Yojan is 8 miles. Bhanu is Sun
Satyayuga= 4800 divine years
Tretayuga=3600 divine years
Dwaparyuga=2400 divine years
Kaliyuga=1200 divine years
So 1 Mahayuga= 12000
Now next is sahastra common Sanskrit word meaning “1000″
Next is “Yojan” also know as that equals to 8 miles
Yuga X Sahastra X Yojan (in miles) = 12000X1000X8= 96,000,000 miles
Now 1 mile= 1.6km
So 96,000,000 miles= 96,000,000X1.6 km = 153,600,000km.
Today estimated distance is approximately 150,000,000 km which is close to above.
Note – There are some doubts in the above theory; By Yuga did Tulsidas mean a Mahayuga. In some translations the Yuga Sahastra Yojan is given as Juga Sahastra Yojan. Juga then mean 12000 years in that interpretation.
This is not a final statement. You should look for the correct interpretation of the Shloka in books and if possible talk to scholars about the translation of the 18th Shloka. Then come to a conclusion.
source: internet
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Monday, 4 August 2014

Do we really love others? (Yagyavalkya's explanation)

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Once maitreyi asked Yagyavalkya "You want to take sannyas(renunciate) and leave all worldly pleasures because they hinder your strive to immortality, but is love of me and kattayeni is also a bondage that you want to leave?"

Then Yagyavalkya replied "Husband is dear to wife not because she loves him or wife is not dear to husband because he loves her, they are dear because they love themselves. Human loves everything that gives him happiness. He does not love something that gives pain. Human wants wealth not because he loves wealth but because wealth can make his living easier."

"I love myself so I love whatever can give me happiness. I love myself thus my nature is bliss(ananda). This soul(atma) is bliss. That's why I want to renunciate. I am going beyond happiness and non-happiness.Now my sole purpose is to understand soul. This soul is only able to see, hear and meditate."

This was conversation between yagyavalkya and his wife maitreyi when Yagyavalkya expressed his desire to take sannyas.I wrote it here so that I could let readers know that we only love ourselves and none others. So trying to say 'you should love me because i love you' or trying to claim love is futile exercise. We just need to realise our love is for us only and no other. :D
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Friday, 1 August 2014

Do you know how to quench your thirst?

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Once there was a big drought on land. There was a guy who used to live nearby an ocean of freshwater, It turned out that he was the only survivor there. One day, he was very thirsty and went near the ocean to drink water. He found a pot and then an idea came to his mind, I will store water for future, so that I won't have to travel the distance for water so frequently.
He dipped the pot into water and pulled back, the pot had holes and water was leaking continuously. He quickly ran to his house to store it in tank. Hardly a drop fell down. He felt very happy with his achievement, he went back to ocean and again brought water. The process continued, boy just collected water, he did not put even a drop of water in his mouth and eventually he died of thirst and his dream of filling the tank remained incomplete.
And then there was a big rainfall and the rainwater swept his body to the ocean.

Is this story related to our lifestyle? Don't we try to plan our future based on present scenarios which may or may not exist as it is till the time we have planned for arrives! We try to collect, happiness, wealth but by nature they can't be hold for long time. They are like leaking water from the pot. Even when we are in front of ocean we don't drink water, isn't this like having wealth and not using it but we love to store that for future use. We don't even know where all those earnings are spent and our savings are very little. In the process actuall happiness is lost, only the dream of better future remains. But our life has no guarantee and anytime it may finish. The dreams remain incomplete. Then what happens with our wealth? It's all swept!

Conclusion: Quenching the thirst is very important before storing water. Being happy now is very important before trying to build happiness and luxury for future!
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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

How to enjoy your work?

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On a certain day, three men were working in one place. Another man came by and asked the first man, “What are you doing here?” The man looked up and said, “Are you blind? Can’t you see I’m cutting stone?” This person moved on to the next man and asked, “What are you doing here?” That man looked up and said, “Something to fill my belly. So I come here and do whatever they ask me to do. I just have to fill my belly, that’s all.” He went to the third man and asked, “What are you doing here?” That man stood up in great joy and said, “I’m building a beautiful temple here!” All of them were doing the same thing, but their experience of what they were doing was worlds apart.

Every human being, every moment of his life could be doing whatever he is doing in any one of these three contexts – and that will determine the quality of his life, not what he is actually doing. How simple or complex an activity is doesn’t change the quality of your life. With what context you do it changes the quality of your life.

They all are doing same thing yet their state of mind is different. People may not have choice in the varieties of work they can do but everyone has a choice in life to do their work in either of these three states of mind. Wouldn't it be better if you just start doing things in pleasant state of mind rather than whining about it!

So next time you hate your office work, or your studies, you can remember this simple thing. Changing the context can make your life a lot easier.

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Is this world an illusion?

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Suppose you are hungry and you see stone, how do you feel? Do you feel anything about stone?
Suppose you are angry and you see same stone, how do you feel? You don't see that stone as stone, you see that as a weapon. The weapon you want to hit someone with.
Suppose the same stone is inside temple, at the main place where you worship. How do you feel? Worship? you will probably put tika on that stone also.
Suppose an animal enters temple and sees the same stone, will it mean something for that animal to worship? But will you argue with that animal if that animal thinks you are stupid to worship stone. No! but if person from other religion says same thing then conflict will arise!

The stone which has no significance at first sight rises to a level where you worship it! Do you know what is the difference? Our eyes see stone, and we know it is nothing more than stone but we perceive that stone differently according to our own emotions.

When great saints said "this whole world and existence is illusion(maya)", they may not mean all existence is illusion. They probably mean, the world we are perceiving is illusionary. When we can see the stone as just stone regardless of any emotion/situation then we become free from maya.

How will our life be if we are not free from maya?
We will not feel like praying or visiting temple when we are happy, we may go on saying god doesn't exist. We will feel proud of whatever we are doing but if we fall in great misery we will be back to praying. No matter whom you pray, you will at least pray.
This is the nature of maya. You see things the way it is necessary for your survival. You won't be able to understand how another sees this world and misery will continue. The whole world is a misery if you are not free from maya.

But once you are free from maya, you will see Happiness as happiness, not mine or your happiness; Love as just love, not as mine, your, others love; Religion as religion, not as mine or others; Temple as temple, not as mine, his or others. This is also called opening of third eye.The third eye does not mean someone’s forehead cracked and something came out! It simply means another dimension of perception has opened up and that dimension of perception sees things as it is. Because the third eye is the eye of vision. The two physical eyes are just sensory organs.
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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Root of every war is assumption

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Suppose you are a science student and someone comes to you and says,"his grandfather painted the sky blue". What will you do? you will laugh at his ignorance.
Suppose someone else comes and says "it is blue because of reflection of ocean". You may now try to convince them that it is actually because of refraction of light. So at the same time another guy comes and says "you are talking rubbish, sky is not blue". Now what will happen, you will team up with two previous people and against this new person who says sky is not blue.

So, now starts the debate, which if is able to reach to any conclusion will end up with all four believing any of the assumptions above.
All 4 will say,
  •  person no 1's grandfather painted it blue
  • it is due to reflection of ocean
  • it is due to refraction
  • sky is not blue at all
But does that debate and conclusion takes them any closer to the truth? Truth is sky looks blue due to refraction and actually sky is not blue! Imagine if someone with this knowledge had been in between these previous 4 idiots, what would have happened? Either they all would have agreed with him or person 3 & 4 would have asked him to choose either side rather than talking 2 things at a time.

And then suppose they all agreed on the last person's statement and then next person comes and says that sky does not exist. Sky has no colour, and one that has no colour can not be seen and why should I believe on existence of such a thing that cannot be seen?

Leave the discussion, but do you realise what is happening in this story? They all have their own assumptions about sky. They go through the debate thinking they will find out the truth but they are only finding common assumptions until someone else has something opposite to say. Neither of them agree with each other from the beginning, but as they go on meeting with new thoughts they are uniting but the unity is against someone and his new assumption.

I wonder, is something similar happening with people who believe in religion or call themselves atheist or some other beliefs? Are they really worried about truth or are they just trying to argue based on their own belief. Won't there be peace if all of them realise that there is no point in discussing about sky. Can't I realise that I don't need to write a blog post like this about the sky?

Does whatever they believe really matter? Will sky lose it's existence if they don't believe it? So why is there war in this world? all because of the assumptions. And the very problem with assumption is that it unites only against another assumptions. Why can't everyone drop their assumptions and be in peace?
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Thursday, 12 June 2014


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Everyone wants to be succesful but the problem is not everyone knows key to success.What if I say “key to success is surrender”,any normal man will find it crazy.The reason behind this is surrender despite being most powerful tool of success remains the most misunderstood subject.
Surrender is not raising your hand in despair,it is waving your hand up in the air and saying hello to incoming success with a big smile on your face.
Everywhere surrender means giving up when things go beyond the limit you can handle.But how can one attain success if s/he gives up.If such questions arise in your mind then you are at the right place.Answers will be revealed as we go on reading further.
Before defining surrender we will obeserve how people live their whole life believing on either of these four things.
1.I can’t do anything 2.I can do something. 3.I can do anything 4.I can’t do anything.
Oh!!look at my list,looks like I have repeated 1 and 4 but the fun part here is I have done it on purpose so let’s look at each of these belief individually.
1.I can’t do anything:It is the way most people live their life.They try different things and can’t achieve success and say “I can’t do anything,I am really useless.”There are even more pitiful people in this category than this,they are the people who believe they are useless because others say”you can’t do it”.One thing to remember is noone knows you better than you,yourself.
2.I can do something:Movers and shakers of the world know they can do something in their life.They want to give something to this world,be something in their life.They achieve whatever they want but they are only at level 2 because they are satisfied with limited success.There is more of the thing they can do then they believe they can do.
3.I can do anything:Welcome to the world of columbus,the craziest way of living.No matter what the world says,what you believe is the ultimate truth.Anything is not undoable until you have tried it yourself.If you fall in this catagory then you are next colombus or next edmund hillary.
4.I can’t do anything:After living all previous level one reaches this level.The day he reaches level three he goes on trying anything and everything until the day no. of unsuccesful attempts overtake no. of successfull achievements.That day he may sit back and say I am useless and give up in frustration or choose to be the level 4 personality by realising everything is not in our control.There is some special power above us governing our fate.If you are religious that special power is god and if you are an atheist ,that power is just supreme energy.This is not the end of belief that things can be done but a way of going further than giving up your efforts.
Once you believe there are things beyond your capacity,you gain a new hope that the thing can be done with a little bit of extra help from the unknown power.This makes your belief that ‘something can be done’ even strong.This always keeps you in position where nothing is undoable,and when there is nothing that you cannot do,success will not be something you want,it will be your very nature or may be i should say success is your very nature,maybe you just need to realise the fact.
Hmm now post is about to end but did I really defined surrender!!
Surrender is never to be defined and taught, it is to be lived,when are you starting to surrender all your problems and start living happy?
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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Types of Prana

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Dear Gurudev, you said there are different types of prana, could you please talk a little bit more about that?
Sri Sri : There are ten types of Prana (the subtle life force energy). Of these, there are five major and five minor kinds of Prana. Today let me just talk about the five major types of Prana.

The first major type of Prana is called Prana which arises from your navel upwards to the top of the head.

Then there is another type of Prana that goes downwards from the navel, and it is called Apana.
When the Prana level is too high, you cannot sleep; you can get insomnia and you feel very jittery. However, if the Apana level is too high, you feel so dull that you do not even want to get off the bed.
Have you had this experience? Sometimes you feel so heavy, gross, and dull. This is due to the imbalance of Apana.

The third type of Prana is Samana which is present as the digestive fire in the digestive system, i.e., in the stomach. It is the agni or the fire that helps digest the food.
Samana is that which helps indigestion, and it also helps other bodily systems. It helps in balancing the system.

Then there is Udana Vayu or Udana Prana which is somewhere near the heart region and is responsible for emotions.
In Sudarshan Kriya, people cry or they laugh, and you find that all these emotions well up. This is due to the Udana Vayu. So this Udana Vayu is responsible for all the emotions.

Then the fifth type of Prana called Vyana which is responsible for all the movement in the body. It is spread all over the body.
In Sudarshan Kriya, you feel some tingling, some energy all over the body. Have you all experienced this?
What happens in Sudarshan Kriya is, all the five Pranas get balanced, and that is why you cry, or you laugh, and you feel a tingling all over the body. That is the specialty of Sudarshan Kriya.
You also tend to feel very hungry after the Kriya, is it not so?

So, these five Prana in the body run our lives.
If Samana is imbalanced, then it gives rise to digestive problems, and you cannot digest the food properly, or you may experience nausea. All this happens because of an imbalance of the Samana Prana.

When Udana Prana is stuck, you feel an emotional block that also affects your thinking and your mind.

When the Vyana which is all over the body is imbalanced, then you have joint pain, or movement trouble, and either you become too jittery and restless, or you may feel like you do not want to do anything.
Moving around anywhere in such a state gives discomfort and creates restlessness in the body. All this is caused by the Vyana imbalance.

Be passionate about knowledge, be passionate about doing service, be passionate about thinking; or about anything. Some passion definitely needs to be there in life. You can have a passion for wisdom as well.

After Sudarshan Kriya, you would have noticed that all these imbalances go away. Has this not happened to all of you?
All earlier discomfort in the movements of the body, or its circulation, or some pains due to Vyana imbalance, all disappeared after Sudarshan Kriya.

So these are the five different Pranas.
There are five other sub-ordinate Pranas as well, but that we will discuss that another time.
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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Stress elimination

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I recall my attempt to talk on the topic "deepen your root and broaden your vision" where I was talking about why we should learn new things but without leaving our religion and culture.
During the event, I was asked about the slogan of Art of living, where it is said stress free and violence free society is the goal. I could not prove by example that stress could be eliminated. Frankly speaking, at that time I didn't even know meaning of stress but i could tell through my experience that after I started meditating, I had eliminated my stress. But putting experience into speech is a tough job.

Today let's start with the defination of stress. Stress is the difference between reality and your expectation. For example, i have a ticket of a movie of 9 am and i am stuck in traffic jam at the distance of 15 minute by vehicle, I will have 2 options: I can have stress, I can feel bad about the portion I will miss, I can curse traffic system, politicians, government, regret for not leaving early and so on.
Or I can say to myself, ok anyhow some portion is going to be missed so instead of being stressed, i will go and watch the show and then again i will see the missed part online or maybe i don't want to go today, i will buy another ticket and watch the whole movie in the hall.

So stress is a choice and not a phenomenon, and i wonder why do people choose this disease causing thing. We all know stress causes heart disease, asthma and even cancer. For reference you can see the video on the RHS :P

Ok now let's see how just by changing the thinking perception can change the effect of stress, and is it just illusion of stress elimination or is it really possible? 

Do you know a chemical named Oxytocin. It is a chemical released when we hug or kiss loved ones. And surprisingly it is released as a cause of stress! But this chemical has all the positive effects in our body.

So who is the villain in stress! Our villain is named as adrenaline. This hormone is produced in stress, when we fear something. Our day to day life stress is releasing this hormone and this hormone shows symptoms like faster beating of heart and other effects which may eventually cause diseases that sound extremely dangerous. So the trick of stress elimination is letting our body produce oxytocin instead of adrenaline. The thing I am saying is not complete as there are various other factors associated with stress, but I can pretty much say that the stress we have been knowing and think as unavoidable can actually be eliminated. That feeling we don't like can be eliminated and diseases can be avoided.

Oxytocin sometimes is also called bonding hormone and it is also said to be released when we help others. So helping others can also reduce the stress we know. Please watch this beautiful video below to know more in this regard.

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Saturday, 17 May 2014

BCS satsang lyrics

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Ganesha Sharanam Sharanam Ganesha

Ganesha Sharanam Sharanam Ganesha (3)
Siddhivinayaka Sharanam Ganesha
Buddhipradayaka Sharanam Ganesha
Mangala Moorti Sharanam Ganesha
Ganesha Sharanam Sharanam Ganesha


Your Home Is in My Heart

Your home is in my heart
My heart is very strong
When you are feeling lonely
I will carry you along

Your home is in my heart
My heart is everywhere
Wherever you may wander
Just know that I am there

Your home is in my heart
My heart is like an ocean
I will rock you while you are sleeping
On wave of sweet devotion


Jano Jano Jano

jano jano jano
khudko pehechano
satya chitta aanand tu hai
ghar laut aao

hai tu toh sher
khudko samjha billi
myau myau karte karte kaha kaha firta

hai tu to sagar
khudko samjha leher
aane do, jaane do
jo bhi hota hine do

aate ho jate ho
jara khudme thehro na
chaplusi chhodke baadshah ban jao na

rishiyoka pukaar hai
ved puranka saar hai
satya chitta aanand tu hai
ghar laut aao


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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Two different world

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scenario 1:
A family is poor, father has started drinking due to the stress of never having enough money. He comes and beats his wife. Children see this activity everyday. Child goes to school and bullies others. He doesn't know ho to love others as he only knows to imitate what he sees in home. He is dropped from school due to his rough behaviour. Father drinks more due to added tension by his kids. He blames mother for not taking proper care. He now beats wife and children. Child runs from home and end up in street. Poof! a future of nation is ruined. ( Now someone can please tell me, how does drinking and smoking help in stress? you kill yourselves and add more misery to your dear ones.)

Scenario 2: (real story) Today I was in a party organised by a good businessman. There was a huge crowd of people. I was enjoying my food while a women called me. She said,"is there no fan present in the hall? it is so hot in here and my baby is sweating". I pointed towards fan and said "there, it is...please go and stand there with ur child for sometime."
Her reply shocked me, she was drunk and was afraid to stand. She instead requested me to carry her child to fan for some time. The child was easy one and came to me easily. I carried the kid and went in front of fan and stood there for few minutes. Child was more relaxed now and began to show sign of sleepiness. My father had a flight at 9 and i had to get out from the party before 8:30, it was already 8 and I was carrying kid. I had not had my dinner yet. I was little bit worried now, but at the same time, two seats just infront of the fan became vacant, i called the women to sit in that chair. At first she blankly refused and insisted me to sit with child for more time. Then upon much insistence she moved to the seat infront of fan and I went for dinner.
In this scenario, I saw how life of kids in rich family was being ruined due to their parent's carelessness.

In both scenarios, root of problem is drinking. When I ask my friends not to drink, they say I don't know their tension, they don't want to drink but they have to because of tension. Most of them say, it's okay to drink occasionally like they do. And I have seen extreme things people do after getting drunk. 

This blog post has no story, no point, no moral and no spirituality. I am just sick of people who drink. You are pathetic if you drink. I don't hate who drink, I just have sympathy towards you all and hope all of you get some sense. You may have drunk and may not have done anything wrong yet but one day you may commit a big crime while you are intoxicated and that day you all wont have return path or way to improve that. If you want to handle stress learn meditation, using substances is not your medication for stress. Don't try to be your own doctor recommending drinks for your stress.
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Monday, 28 April 2014

How to invite all friends to page or event in facebook?

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(off the topic from spirituality)
1. Click Invite Friends on whatever you are inviting people to
2. In the dropdown next to the search box, make sure Search All Friends or "Search by name" is selected!
3. Scroll ALL the way down until names stop loading (I found it easy to click the first name and then hold down the spacebar or Page Down button)
4. For EVENTS Copy this code:
javascript:elms=document.getElementsByName("checkableitems[]");for (i=0;i<elms.length;i++){if (elms[i].type="checkbox" )elms[i].click()}

For PAGES Copy this code:
javascript:var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName('uiButton _1sm');
for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) {

5. Paste the code into the URL bar of your browser (where you type website addresses), but WAIT! Check the beginning of the URL bar and make sure the word "javascript:" is there, if it is not, TYPE IT IN! A lot of browsers automatically delete the "javascript:" portion. Press enter.
6. For large friends list, this may utilize all your resources and will cause the page to freeze and be unresponsive. Just wait a few minutes until all the names get selected.

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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Einstein and his driver

There is a story about how Albert Einstein was traveling to universities, giving lectures on his famous theory of relativity. One day while on their way to a university, The driver said:" Dr. Einstein, I've heard that lecture more than 30 times. I have learned it by heart and bet I could give it myself." "Well, I'll give you the chance," said Einstein, "They don't know me at the next school, so when we get there I'll put on your cap and you introduce yourself as me and give the lecture." Einstein continued. At the hall, the driver gave Einstein's lecture so wonderfully that he didn't make any mistakes. When he finished, he started to leave, but one of the professors stopped him and asked him a question which was very difficult. The aim of the question was not gaining knowledge but embarrassing Einstein. The driver thought fast. "The answer to that problem is so simple," he said, "I'm surprised you have to ask me. In fact, to show you just how simple it is, I'm going to ask my driver to come up here and answer your question."! Then Einstein stood up and gave an incredible answer to the question of that professor.
Moral of the story: No matter how genius you pretend to be, there is always someone who is more genius than you despite his position
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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Why should you not wear earring in only one ear?

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Have you seen any girl who is wearing one earring in either left or right? how are they? are they all happy and satisfied? No, most of the time we see such people, they are tensed. So how is tension related to wearing earring in only one ear? - Tension is probably because they lost their 1 earring!
And have you seen others who are not so tensed? It's probably because they are not wearing other one due to lack of money! Conclusion: wearing earring on both sides reduces your stress.

Ok, I was joking in above paragraph. Now We will try to see is there any scientific relation to belief that earrings should be worn in pair? If we take reference of  acupuncture, there are many end point of nerves in our ear which is directly related to brain, and pressure at certain point affects the part associated with it. So if we wear only one earring, it will only trigger response on one side and other side remains undisturbed! This may cause some imbalance.

Ear piercing for weight loss:
According to some sources, the outer ear and the abdominal organs are right next to each other during fetal development in the womb, and the physical connection between these body parts remains via nerve pathways even after they are no longer in close proximity. In this explanation, stimulating a part of the external ear also stimulates the abdominal organs, including the stomach. Other practitioners claim that piercing this particular area of the ear releases endorphins -- chemicals released by the brain during pleasurable activities that make you feel good. And because the staple stays in the ear, the endorphin effect is maintained, reducing a person's stress and anxiety levels, which for many people are a big part of the reason they over-eat.
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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

follow the knowledge

Nowadays I often hear ”I want to work like you, you have so much dedication and are so happily working, but I don’t have faith in guruji, I cannot follow him”.
This amazes me not because I am being praised but the wrong concept that they cannot follow guruji. At first they should tell me, who told them to follow guruji! What does following guruji means?
           - Praising about him and saying all good things about him all the time? Is that something I do? I have never done that! Then where have they come up with this concept from!
One should know what is the meaning of guru! Guru means knowledge, one who is expert at something is called guru. It’s not human we should follow, it’s knowledge which needs to be followed. When someone says follow your guru, it means follow the knowledge and not human. It is your stupidness if you think you should follow human.
Many times we have seen people who like rajesh hamal or salman khan and they try to be like him and they end up making fun out of themselves. You were born unique, why would you die duplicate?
Do you remember your best teacher? Why were they your best? They were best because they knew something more than you on the field you were interested, they would always give more knowledge than you already knew.  You may have said you wanted to be like them which meant you want to be as knowledgeable  as him. If you like your maths teacher you want to be expert of maths, if you like your football teacher you want to be great footballer but when it comes to following a guru, you become confused!
Actually spiritual guru gives such a beautiful knowledge that you assume, these are just good for listening and can’t be followed but at the same time you also feel, if this and this person listened to this knowledge and acted like this, I would be happy. You think you can’t follow knowledge but deep down you know it can be followed.  Believe me, it would be much better if we start from ourselves.
Even I am not always in knowledge, I do make mistakes but that is perfectly normal for human. So if you don’t want to follow guruji, you have made some wrong assumption on following. Stop making fun of yourself and start following guru.  Start following guru, it’s not late yet.  And if you follow knowledge you will soon start respecting human too, not only guru but everyone else also.

Bottomline: If you follow fun, misery follows you, if you follow knowledge fun follows you.
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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Confidence or Clarity of mind? which one is more important?

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Confidence is regarded as very important factor for success. People who are not confident, doubt whatever they are doing and can't even give their 100% in the work.
If one is not confident about his work then the first thought that will come to his mind is "what will others say about this?" One thing very important at this point is, the one who you fear will talk about whatever you are doing are(may) not expert about the topic. It's good if they are expert, because they may be saying it through their own experience but if they are not expert then they are not worth listening. For eg: if you have fever, then doctors are expert about that but sometimes(most of the times), we become expert ourselves and go and buy cetamol from the drug store and consume it. Sometimes, it may work perfectly well but in case that fever was symptom of jaundice, trust me you are doomed. You have done exactly what you should not be doing. And if you have never experienced this exceptional case of jaundice, you go on suggesting your youngers about what they should be doing when they suffer from fever.
It's OK you risk your own life, but what right have you got to risk other's life? If you are not expert, then why are you even giving advice at first place? And trust me there are many more fools on the planet who give advices even when they have no idea about what they are talking. We can listen to any number of advices we want but at the end we should take decisions on our own. If we have to take decision on our own at the end, why should we be bothered about what others will say! Whatever happens, we will bear the consequences ourselves, so there is no need to fear 'what other's will say'. I want to be clear can listen to many advices but should do what you think is right and never meant to say that you should not listen to anyone. Playing deaf ear to all is not a good idea either.
So, confidence on whatever we are doing is first step towards success but is it complete? There are lots of confident people on the road who cross the road like a king, without even looking at vehicles. Till date, they are living probably by chance or maybe drivers have been showing some sympathy. If they think, it is miracle or god is saving them from somewhere...they are IDIOTS. If you chant your favourite chant, whatever it may be:- have mercy go, oh jesus, oh allah, oh ram or whatever and run blindly on the highway, there are chance that you may cross the road safely and there are chances that you may cross it not once, not twice but numerous times but you are IDIOT and any next time can  be your last one. And yes, no arguments over that issue, I have nothing against having faith in god but please don't rename your stupidity to faith or devotion or religion. You are completely an IDIOT, you are just confident on something and numerous experiences are adding to your confidence, increasing your irresponsibility to street rules. And someone may come and say, who will do that in real? trust me, there are lots of IDIOTS on the street.
I will try to make my point clear,confidence alone is not enough in our life. We need clarity of mind. Clarity of mind does not come from reading lots of books or listening to what other's say. If we read books then we are limited to author's experience. Clarity of mind comes into existence when we have a peaceful mind. A mind which keeps on worrying on various topics all the time may not suggest you the right thing. When time comes where you have to take decisions then calm mind will definitely give best answers. And mind can be brought to peace by stop worrying and through our very own experience we can say that, we cannot stop worrying by saying we need to stop worrying. 
One way we can experience peace of mind is meditation.Nowadays, meditation is practised by many successful people and I think everyone in the world should do this. Not much but atleast 10 minutes a day. 
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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Frog turns deaf when all four limbs are cut

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Let me share a story shared by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

Once a research was conducted with a frog. At first frog was let to jump and it jumped 20 feet, then 1 limb was cut, frog jumped 15 feet, then 2 limbs were cut, now frog jumped 10 feet again next limb was cut; frog jumped 5 feet. At last all feet were cut and frog was ordered to jump but it didn't jump.
They concluded"frog becomes deaf when all four legs are cut".

Conclusion: Don't try to reach conclusion from single point of view.
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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

intution or coincidince or anything

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Today, I am going to Lumbini for 3 days silence meditation course. Yesterday, me and manila went to buy the ticket and after buying ticket all of a sudden i said, "you keep the ticket". She was afraid that she might forget, the boy in ticket counter promptly replied,"it wont be much of problem even if we lost ticket" but still warned us to keep it carefully.
Then i realised i had expressed my will not to keep ticket with me unknowingly, probably i was sure to forget the ticket. I didn't feel like keeping in purse thinking probably it was about to get lost as i am about to lose ticket anyhow!
So i kept it in my bag,which i would be carrying for my tour and kept in a place which needed no rearrangement later. I felt relieved. Yesterday whole day i became busy and returned home at around 7, i had bag with me all the time until I was at dentist's clinic. I forgot to bring my bag from yhere. After i came home and rushed to the top to see firecrackers by army, i realised i had left my bag. I rushed back to clinic with hope of getting my bag back. I reached clinic and saw it was closed, i called them but they had landline numbers only and noone picked up. Now i re-remembered my previous will of not keeping ticket with me and how i had lost ticket as i was fearing. I had to go before clinic opens the next day!
I can't predict the future that is for sure but sometimes something happens like this and you are left wonderstruck.
Probably it's called intution but whole thing is strange! Co-incidence, well maybe even that is suitable word to write in blog ;)
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Monday, 24 February 2014

what does meditation do?

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“Once there was a man who worked hard at a well-paying job. He had plenty of money, a nice house and a good life. But, there was one problem…
He never knew what time it was!
Even stranger, he wore a watch on his wrist all the time. But unfortunately, he didn’t realize that it was a watch! He just thought it was some sort of lucky bracelet. So he never used it, and could never keep track of time.”
Unable to perform tasks on time, his boss had to fire him.  Soon after losing his job, without any money, he lost his house as well, and soon sank into a deep depression…all because he could never figure out what time it was.
One day he met his best friend for coffee, and after a few minutes he broke down in tears sobbing, “I’m completely desperate, could you please tell me what time it is?” His friend looked at him completely surprised.
“I don’t need to tell you the time!” he exclaimed with a laugh, “you’re wearing a watch on your own wrist! You can tell the time all by your self.”
“But I’m not wearing a watch,” protested the man.
“Of course you are!” said the friend, ”just look!” and he pointed to the watch on the man’s wrist. Sure enough, there it was. With a shock, the man realized he’d been wearing a watch all along.”
That's the end of story. What happened here? a guy was wearing a watch and he was not aware of it and he suffered, this story won't make any sense if it is seen as it is but if we try to understand it on the basis of awareness the  lots of mysteries will be solved.
Watch has a simple purpose of giving time but if we don't have awareness about watch then watch cannot be used to its full potential. It is same with everything, we can utilise anything fully only if we are aware of it. So can we increase our efficiency by raising our awareness? Yes.
But how can awareness be raised, it can be raised through meditation. There are so many types of meditation and no matter what one follows the ultimate goal is raise in awareness. People say their concentration increased, confidence increased, and they got many more benefits from meditation. This is all actually the outcome of raised awareness.
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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Shivalinga is not penis

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Why are hindu ashamed of calling themselves a hindu?

One of the reason is they are taunted as worshiper of penis in the form of shiva linga. But can someone tell me who said shivalinga means penis?

Shivalinga consist of two sanskrit words- shiva and lingam. Shiva means our very own lord Shiva and lingam means a symbol or representative in Sanskrit. So shivalinga is the representation of Shiva.

If it was penis then it would be called shiva-shishnam instead of shivalinga. Sanskrit word for penis is shishnam.

(P:S I, myself don't know sanskrit and I got meaning of lingam and shishnam from google search.)

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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Highway (movie experience)

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I usually watch movies in silent halls where so called gentlemen go and enjoy movies maintaining the silence like that of library. Even in the comic scene, their laughter is nothing more than a heavy breath out of nose. So to watch this movie, I went to some cheaper hall which is not actually cheap as the ticket price at discounted price was 50 or 100. They had no barrier setup between these two ticket lines and smart people would buy ticket worth 50 and occupy the seat worth 100. One gentleman probably made his mind that he will fully enjoy the money he has paid for ticket and then he was scolded by someone from behind,"you rascal, stop swinging! you bought ticket of rs 80 and are trying to break a seat worth rs 1000." My friend shouted "It's 100 today".First scene of the movie was in very small screen, everyone began shouting "this screen is as small as my TV at home, what's the benefit of coming to hall?.After sometime, movie went full screen and whistles roared.The movie started with lots of sceneries like that of Nepal. In one of the scene there was chimney from brick factory and someone from my back shouted "look bhaktapur". Actually, I was thinking the same. The movie is about a rich young girl(alia) getting kidnapped by criminal(randip) and story runs about what they do during their journey before she returns back to her powerful father.The movie had some realistic approach but that too much of darkness at the beginning of movie was actually frustrating. People were shouting "too much of loadshedding,in the movie". The movie gradually shifts from tense moment of kidnap to fun of getting kidnapped to dark side of our society like child abuse. Both Randip and alia had childhood to forget.The movie also shows the part of society where parents fail to emotionally support their child when they need and communication gap that grows with time, crime that happens in high class family and how they silence the victim for the sake of their prestige!The movie is good and portray of social crimes was what i liked most. Movie is not recommended to those who go to the hall expecting some item dance and some fights where actor beats villains as you will meet disappointment. I found movie realistic except at few places(some beginning scenes of kidnapping). I do think it's worth watching, it's unique.

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Friday, 21 February 2014

Bal Chetna Sivir (experience)

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“If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” - Dalai Lama.

Do you believe in the above statement? People do have different opinion in this regard but what I wonder is, "does the one replying this question really qualifies for the question?" What's the point of arguing about this with someone who has not yet experienced meditation even once in his/her life!

This week I was exploring this statement among the kids aged 8-14 within a program called "Bal Chetna Sivir" as a volunteer. This program consist of lots of fun filled games, some breathing techniques and very short meditation and many more and is taught over 5 days. I through my own experience of childhood can claim that, the thing that a child most loves to do is playing games and I was amazed to learn that they loved meditation even more than playing games. At the end of program, when they were sharing their experience, they had big smile in their face and were filled with more enthusiasm and energy than before.

The program was conducted at Durbar High School and on the first day everyone was trying to escape but anyhow we,volunteers managed to hold 40+ student, on second day few children escaped and we had some new faces but there were not even 40 students but by the time program was about to end(i.e. on the last day) all 55 students were present. And they were asking with us to extend the program!

The transformation that happened within these 5 days was something I would not have believed, had I not experienced myself! And I felt that every child from every corner of the world deserves to get this experience and wish to thank guruji(Sri Sri) for designing this amazing program. I have decided I myself will work as a medium to spread this knowledge to underprivileged children of Nepal. So if anyone who is reading this blog wants to bring this program to organisation(orphanage or government school) they know within Kathmandu, please comment below or contact me at 9803572935.

And yes the program is absolutely free of cost and full of benefits ;)
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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

why half cut onion is dangerous to consume later?

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I read a very interesting story about onion in the internet and would love to share it with you.

In 1919 when the flu killed 40 million people there was a Doctor that visited the many farmers to see if he could help them combat the flu...Many of the farmers and their families had contracted it and many died.
The doctor came upon this one farmer and to his surprise, everyone was very healthy. When the doctor asked what the farmer was doing that was different the wife replied that she had placed an unpeeled onion in a dish in the rooms of the home. It obviously absorbed the bacteria, therefore, keeping the family healthy.

I have read few other stories too where sick people have benefited from keeping onion nearby while they were sick. The onion would attract all the microbes leaving sick person into safety.

Seems like, t is extremely dangerous to consume the leftover half cut onion.
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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

should you believe only what you see?

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Let's keep it simple. I have not seen god :D
But ask me "do you believe in god?"
I will say "yes".
You may find me stupid for believing on something I can't see.

Generally we don't believe on what we can't see and thus it can be said that we only believe what we see. But is "what we see" the only truth? Can we rely so much on our vision?

If I am to believe what I see, then Sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Sun is moving in the sky around the earth. And in the night, I can see a huge moon and small twinkling stars and I conclude "moon is bigger than star". Being student of science I know both of these facts in this paragraph are false. But if I only believe in what I see then these things must be true! But I will be called stupid if I believe in such things!

So now I am wondering, who is stupid? the one who only believes what he sees or the one who believes even the things he does not see.

Now I also remember a story;
Once a boy was asked by a teacher:do you believe in god?
Boy: yes
Teacher: Have you seen god?
Boy: No
Teacher: Then God doesn't exist.
Boy: Excuse me sir, can you see your own brain?
Teacher: No.
Boy: Well, then it doesn't exist.
(whole class laughed)

You too will be laughed at, if you think you should believe only what you see :D

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Introduction to my blog

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Today, I am starting my new blogging journey with You may be wondering which language is this term spilore from! actually I, myself don't know if such word even exists. For me, it is combination of two terms Spirituality & Lore. Today I will not discuss about spirituality but if you are hearing the term 'lore' for the first time then it means  Knowledge acquired through education or experience.

This blog will be my primary blog for the year 2014 and this year, I hope to be more active in learning as well sharing. And by now, you may already have rightly guessed what i will be sharing here ;)


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Monday, 17 February 2014


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Once upon a time in varanasi there lived a hunter named Suswara.He lived with his wife and child in a small hut.One particular day,hunter wandered all over the jungle whole day and at night forget his way back home.Due to fear of wild animals at night time he climbed a tree to safeguard himself.
He could not sleep the whole night due to fear of wild animals so he spent whole night plucking leaves from the tree he was sitting and dropping them on the ground.The tree he was sitting was of bela and another unknown fact to him was there existed a shivalinga just beneath the branch he was sitting.So unknowingly he was offering bela to shivalinga.That night happened to be Shivaratri so the hunter had unknowingly kept a night long vigil and worshipped Shiva.
The story above has different versions and is told differently in different places but today let’s try to understand what the story may symbolise.
Various wild animals live in the jungle: Here Jungle represents human mind and wild animals in jungle resemble negativities like lust,anger,greed,infatuation,jealousy and hatred which keep wandering in our mind.
Suswara(name of hunter): Suswara means “one melodious voice”.This may indicate purity of intent and speech which is actually outcome of mental purity.
Varanasi(the origin place of hunter): Vara refers to the forehead while nasi means the nose.The point where both meet is Varanasi i.e the point midway between eyebrows.This point is called ‘aagya chakra’ which is regarded as a nexus of the three nadis: ida, pingala and sushumna.A spiritual aspirant who concentrates his or her mind on this point gains concentration and gradual control over his senses. The killing of the animals thus indicates control over one’s vasanas [latent tendencies].
Bela tree: Bela tree resembles spinal column.The tree’s leaves are special:each stalk has three leaflets.The three leaflets represent three nadis mentioned above.The climbing of the tree represents the ascent of the kundalini shakti from the muladhara to the aagya chakra.
Awake whole night: Keeping awake is symbolic of the kind of awareness and oneness of purpose that a spiritual aspirant needs to reach the goal. He cannot afford to be slack even for a moment.
Shiva: Shiva is the Supreme Consciousness that illuminates the three states of waking, dreaming and deep sleep. Offering the threefold bilva leaves to the Shivalinga heralds the return to a level of consciousness beyond the three states, which is the fourth state, turiya. The dawning of that state is consonant with the awakening of the individual.
(special note, bela tree mentioned in the story is scientifically named as Aegle Mermelos)
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