Sunday, 17 August 2014


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When people come to know that you meditate, first question that strikes in their mind is “what happens when you meditate?”
People every now and then come to me asking whether what they experienced during meditation is right or wrong. They want to know how do I feel during meditation. I have been meditating since last 2 years and beginners assume that I am doing right meditation as I am experienced and they might be doing it wrong way.
Yes there are right and wrong way of doing meditation but there is nothing to worry if you have found right master.
The myth of meditation: meditation is concentrating on something.
This is so wrong, meditation is not concentration but concentration is the outcome of meditation. Meditation is simple process of observing thoughts and meditation cannot happen by trying to stop some thoughts or flowing with some thoughts. I don’t know if I’m going little bit deeper but this post is not aimed to teach you how to meditate.
Now answering the question from the topic, what should be your experience in meditation? The answer is: each and everyone who meditates has his/her own experience and every time s/he meditates it is a unique experience. So asking someone, what should be the experience in meditation is just illegal question. One who is not foolish will never start essay of his/her experience but s/he will just say everyone has their own experience every time they sit for meditation.
However 3 golden rules of meditation are always applicable:
  1. I am no one.
  2. I do nothing.
  3. I want nothing.
One should follow these three rules while sitting for meditation.