Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My reaction to spiritual myths I frequently hear

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Here are some myths about spiritual people:

1. They should not get angry
2. They don't fall in love
3. They won't marry
4. They should be aged
5. They should be vegetarian
6. They are religious
7. They will have long beard
8. They don't go to gym
9. They don't know about latest technology.
10. They can't have 10-5 kind of job
11. They only listen to bhajans and not the latest songs

I'm spiritual,
but sorry to disappoint you,
 i don't have long beard and hair
My reaction to each of these:

1. LOL, so that you can exploit them? They may be trained to show anger without actually getting angry, be careful.
2. LOL again, why? Is that Newton's law of love?
3. LOL, specially aunties think so, why?
4. LOL, gone are the days when people were spiritual in their old age, spirituality is the need of modern society, even 8 year old must meditate.
5. eventually they may be veg. but not compulsarily.
6. how is that even related?
7. long hair too.... the babaji in tv looks like that, isn't it?
8. Again, what's the relation? I have many friends who go to gym and do yogas too.
9. LOL, truly spiritual people love technology. Afterall they practice timeless technology like meditation.
10. LOL, not every spiritual person is a wandering saint, they can have regular lifestyle too.
11. LOL, don't underestimate the wide varieties of songs they listen to.