Friday, 1 August 2014

Do you know how to quench your thirst?

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Once there was a big drought on land. There was a guy who used to live nearby an ocean of freshwater, It turned out that he was the only survivor there. One day, he was very thirsty and went near the ocean to drink water. He found a pot and then an idea came to his mind, I will store water for future, so that I won't have to travel the distance for water so frequently.
He dipped the pot into water and pulled back, the pot had holes and water was leaking continuously. He quickly ran to his house to store it in tank. Hardly a drop fell down. He felt very happy with his achievement, he went back to ocean and again brought water. The process continued, boy just collected water, he did not put even a drop of water in his mouth and eventually he died of thirst and his dream of filling the tank remained incomplete.
And then there was a big rainfall and the rainwater swept his body to the ocean.

Is this story related to our lifestyle? Don't we try to plan our future based on present scenarios which may or may not exist as it is till the time we have planned for arrives! We try to collect, happiness, wealth but by nature they can't be hold for long time. They are like leaking water from the pot. Even when we are in front of ocean we don't drink water, isn't this like having wealth and not using it but we love to store that for future use. We don't even know where all those earnings are spent and our savings are very little. In the process actuall happiness is lost, only the dream of better future remains. But our life has no guarantee and anytime it may finish. The dreams remain incomplete. Then what happens with our wealth? It's all swept!

Conclusion: Quenching the thirst is very important before storing water. Being happy now is very important before trying to build happiness and luxury for future!