Thursday, 4 September 2014

Difference: knowing god and singing

What's the difference between people who believe in god or who don't?
ans : There is no difference at all. They both are talking about something they don't know. No one has seen god unless they have some illusionary disease like 'Munna bhai' from 'Lage Raho Munna Bhai' who used to see Mahatma Gandhi. After reading this paragraph, people may think i don't believe in god but my thinking is slightly different and inspired by Sadhguru. Instead of blindly arguing about belief and disbelief, i like to question myself, does this argument takes me any closer to truth? will I realise god through this argument? What's even more important for me is, will I know myself? There is no point in knowing something else if we don't even know ourself.

Personally I hate these conflicts, created by so called fanatics of religion. Every religion is great, if you make proper study of your own religion you will ultimately know the truth, you will all loving and all caring. But for that you have to reach the pinnacle. Why I say pinnacle is because, there are various misbeliefs for starters spread for their own benefits. One such belief is that, follow just one religion and stick to it. This is misbelief that newbies need to follow strictly if they want to excel further. If there was no such rule, then people will just jump from one religion to another and reach nowhere. They will not know essence of even one religion and they will bring conflict. Next paragraph may be able to give reason behind this jumping nature.

Human is fascinated by new things. A youth gets excited when new model of phone comes in the market, a child gets excited when he sees new toy in the market and the list may go on. New things are exciting. First few days after buying a new mobile, we keep on playing with it and after few days or few months, same mobile is no more exciting. Eventually you want to get rid of it.

Same with religion, they look exciting and faultless at the beginning and then slowly you start to find faults. Here is the time when you need to stick with your religion. Once you pass this level, you will know, some of those faults you saw was due to lack of your own maturity and some were actually in need of change. No religion is faultless, but jumping from one to another is the stupidest thing to do!

Ok, why am I writing this?
I conduct meditation classes for kids. And religion conversion is so active in nepal that wherever I go, I find some kids who were recently changed into Christian. They refuse to say names of any hindu god. There is no problem with this belief but I think this is extreme! But again this may have been said to them to help them stick to one path. I don't interfere with their belief, but I just want to make sure no kids have grudge over other's religion. So I do something else in class.

I ask them, if I faint here while I am conducting the class, who will take me to hospital?
Children shout, "we will"
Then I say-" so that will save my life, that means you are god for me?"
children- yes
Me- ok, if something happens to your friend, will you take them to hospital?
Children- yes
Me- then aren't you god for your friend?
Children- yes
Me- so the god is within each of us, don't seek him outside. Everyone of you is god. Saying the name of god from other religion or not won't make any difference as long as you know everyone of you is god. You are free to choose.

Recently a famous singer said, she doesn't want to sing songs with names of hindu gods and then whole nation is about to go crazy. Comments are being passed, people are even saying bitch and other words which i will never write in my blog. Immaturity of both the singer and commenter is wide spread over the walls of social networks.

Two things I want to say in this condition are:
  1. 1.Being popular means many people know them, not that whatever they do or say is right.
  2. 2.Ageing and maturity are two completely different things, ageing is natural and unstoppable and maturity comes by continuous effort of practising right thing.
This gives her every right to pass that thought. People who know the big picture of religion know that she was taught that so that she doesn't keep on jumping from one religion to another. Nation may not be able to hear her voice singing the name of gods. There are other good singers who are willing to do this.

Singing may come naturally, knowing god takes lots of effort. A popular singer's view on religion need not be counted. Only a good guru can guide you in the quest of finding god and good guru is again hard to find. Lets not pass stupid comments about this situation.