Wednesday, 3 September 2014


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There is a three way road…one goes directly to the destination but you cannot walk on it before walking on second..second ends just before the destination is reached…third reaches the destination but you have to go through the first….which way you should walk?
I saw this as facebook status of my teacher, at first I thought this question had no answer.
Next thought that came to my mind was what was this path of!
Then I assumed it was path of life, then answer was clear to me, one that can help me reach destination was third one. I cannot walk on third without going through first one and again second one before walking the first one. So second path is a must walk. We won’t reach destination but there is no escape. It looks like one time failure is not end to all of the possibility.
After walking on second, we can walk on first which will take us to our destination and then it opens third path.
I learned a beautiful lesson that, if you are not afraid of failing and even go on after failing once or twice or whatever times one has to then the path to success will open and once you are successful many more paths will open.
This may not be the exact answer the questioner was seeking, but it is my way of solving the question. Can you solve it by any other means? Do comment