Tuesday, 25 February 2014

intution or coincidince or anything

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Today, I am going to Lumbini for 3 days silence meditation course. Yesterday, me and manila went to buy the ticket and after buying ticket all of a sudden i said, "you keep the ticket". She was afraid that she might forget, the boy in ticket counter promptly replied,"it wont be much of problem even if we lost ticket" but still warned us to keep it carefully.
Then i realised i had expressed my will not to keep ticket with me unknowingly, probably i was sure to forget the ticket. I didn't feel like keeping in purse thinking probably it was about to get lost as i am about to lose ticket anyhow!
So i kept it in my bag,which i would be carrying for my tour and kept in a place which needed no rearrangement later. I felt relieved. Yesterday whole day i became busy and returned home at around 7, i had bag with me all the time until I was at dentist's clinic. I forgot to bring my bag from yhere. After i came home and rushed to the top to see firecrackers by army, i realised i had left my bag. I rushed back to clinic with hope of getting my bag back. I reached clinic and saw it was closed, i called them but they had landline numbers only and noone picked up. Now i re-remembered my previous will of not keeping ticket with me and how i had lost ticket as i was fearing. I had to go before clinic opens the next day!
I can't predict the future that is for sure but sometimes something happens like this and you are left wonderstruck.
Probably it's called intution but whole thing is strange! Co-incidence, well maybe even that is suitable word to write in blog ;)
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Monday, 24 February 2014

what does meditation do?

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“Once there was a man who worked hard at a well-paying job. He had plenty of money, a nice house and a good life. But, there was one problem…
He never knew what time it was!
Even stranger, he wore a watch on his wrist all the time. But unfortunately, he didn’t realize that it was a watch! He just thought it was some sort of lucky bracelet. So he never used it, and could never keep track of time.”
Unable to perform tasks on time, his boss had to fire him.  Soon after losing his job, without any money, he lost his house as well, and soon sank into a deep depression…all because he could never figure out what time it was.
One day he met his best friend for coffee, and after a few minutes he broke down in tears sobbing, “I’m completely desperate, could you please tell me what time it is?” His friend looked at him completely surprised.
“I don’t need to tell you the time!” he exclaimed with a laugh, “you’re wearing a watch on your own wrist! You can tell the time all by your self.”
“But I’m not wearing a watch,” protested the man.
“Of course you are!” said the friend, ”just look!” and he pointed to the watch on the man’s wrist. Sure enough, there it was. With a shock, the man realized he’d been wearing a watch all along.”
That's the end of story. What happened here? a guy was wearing a watch and he was not aware of it and he suffered, this story won't make any sense if it is seen as it is but if we try to understand it on the basis of awareness the  lots of mysteries will be solved.
Watch has a simple purpose of giving time but if we don't have awareness about watch then watch cannot be used to its full potential. It is same with everything, we can utilise anything fully only if we are aware of it. So can we increase our efficiency by raising our awareness? Yes.
But how can awareness be raised, it can be raised through meditation. There are so many types of meditation and no matter what one follows the ultimate goal is raise in awareness. People say their concentration increased, confidence increased, and they got many more benefits from meditation. This is all actually the outcome of raised awareness.
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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Shivalinga is not penis

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Why are hindu ashamed of calling themselves a hindu?

One of the reason is they are taunted as worshiper of penis in the form of shiva linga. But can someone tell me who said shivalinga means penis?

Shivalinga consist of two sanskrit words- shiva and lingam. Shiva means our very own lord Shiva and lingam means a symbol or representative in Sanskrit. So shivalinga is the representation of Shiva.

If it was penis then it would be called shiva-shishnam instead of shivalinga. Sanskrit word for penis is shishnam.

(P:S I, myself don't know sanskrit and I got meaning of lingam and shishnam from google search.)

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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Highway (movie experience)

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I usually watch movies in silent halls where so called gentlemen go and enjoy movies maintaining the silence like that of library. Even in the comic scene, their laughter is nothing more than a heavy breath out of nose. So to watch this movie, I went to some cheaper hall which is not actually cheap as the ticket price at discounted price was 50 or 100. They had no barrier setup between these two ticket lines and smart people would buy ticket worth 50 and occupy the seat worth 100. One gentleman probably made his mind that he will fully enjoy the money he has paid for ticket and then he was scolded by someone from behind,"you rascal, stop swinging! you bought ticket of rs 80 and are trying to break a seat worth rs 1000." My friend shouted "It's 100 today".First scene of the movie was in very small screen, everyone began shouting "this screen is as small as my TV at home, what's the benefit of coming to hall?.After sometime, movie went full screen and whistles roared.The movie started with lots of sceneries like that of Nepal. In one of the scene there was chimney from brick factory and someone from my back shouted "look bhaktapur". Actually, I was thinking the same. The movie is about a rich young girl(alia) getting kidnapped by criminal(randip) and story runs about what they do during their journey before she returns back to her powerful father.The movie had some realistic approach but that too much of darkness at the beginning of movie was actually frustrating. People were shouting "too much of loadshedding,in the movie". The movie gradually shifts from tense moment of kidnap to fun of getting kidnapped to dark side of our society like child abuse. Both Randip and alia had childhood to forget.The movie also shows the part of society where parents fail to emotionally support their child when they need and communication gap that grows with time, crime that happens in high class family and how they silence the victim for the sake of their prestige!The movie is good and portray of social crimes was what i liked most. Movie is not recommended to those who go to the hall expecting some item dance and some fights where actor beats villains as you will meet disappointment. I found movie realistic except at few places(some beginning scenes of kidnapping). I do think it's worth watching, it's unique.

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Friday, 21 February 2014

Bal Chetna Sivir (experience)

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“If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” - Dalai Lama.

Do you believe in the above statement? People do have different opinion in this regard but what I wonder is, "does the one replying this question really qualifies for the question?" What's the point of arguing about this with someone who has not yet experienced meditation even once in his/her life!

This week I was exploring this statement among the kids aged 8-14 within a program called "Bal Chetna Sivir" as a volunteer. This program consist of lots of fun filled games, some breathing techniques and very short meditation and many more and is taught over 5 days. I through my own experience of childhood can claim that, the thing that a child most loves to do is playing games and I was amazed to learn that they loved meditation even more than playing games. At the end of program, when they were sharing their experience, they had big smile in their face and were filled with more enthusiasm and energy than before.

The program was conducted at Durbar High School and on the first day everyone was trying to escape but anyhow we,volunteers managed to hold 40+ student, on second day few children escaped and we had some new faces but there were not even 40 students but by the time program was about to end(i.e. on the last day) all 55 students were present. And they were asking with us to extend the program!

The transformation that happened within these 5 days was something I would not have believed, had I not experienced myself! And I felt that every child from every corner of the world deserves to get this experience and wish to thank guruji(Sri Sri) for designing this amazing program. I have decided I myself will work as a medium to spread this knowledge to underprivileged children of Nepal. So if anyone who is reading this blog wants to bring this program to organisation(orphanage or government school) they know within Kathmandu, please comment below or contact me at 9803572935.

And yes the program is absolutely free of cost and full of benefits ;)
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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

why half cut onion is dangerous to consume later?

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I read a very interesting story about onion in the internet and would love to share it with you.

In 1919 when the flu killed 40 million people there was a Doctor that visited the many farmers to see if he could help them combat the flu...Many of the farmers and their families had contracted it and many died.
The doctor came upon this one farmer and to his surprise, everyone was very healthy. When the doctor asked what the farmer was doing that was different the wife replied that she had placed an unpeeled onion in a dish in the rooms of the home. It obviously absorbed the bacteria, therefore, keeping the family healthy.

I have read few other stories too where sick people have benefited from keeping onion nearby while they were sick. The onion would attract all the microbes leaving sick person into safety.

Seems like, t is extremely dangerous to consume the leftover half cut onion.
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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

should you believe only what you see?

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Let's keep it simple. I have not seen god :D
But ask me "do you believe in god?"
I will say "yes".
You may find me stupid for believing on something I can't see.

Generally we don't believe on what we can't see and thus it can be said that we only believe what we see. But is "what we see" the only truth? Can we rely so much on our vision?

If I am to believe what I see, then Sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Sun is moving in the sky around the earth. And in the night, I can see a huge moon and small twinkling stars and I conclude "moon is bigger than star". Being student of science I know both of these facts in this paragraph are false. But if I only believe in what I see then these things must be true! But I will be called stupid if I believe in such things!

So now I am wondering, who is stupid? the one who only believes what he sees or the one who believes even the things he does not see.

Now I also remember a story;
Once a boy was asked by a teacher:do you believe in god?
Boy: yes
Teacher: Have you seen god?
Boy: No
Teacher: Then God doesn't exist.
Boy: Excuse me sir, can you see your own brain?
Teacher: No.
Boy: Well, then it doesn't exist.
(whole class laughed)

You too will be laughed at, if you think you should believe only what you see :D

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Introduction to my blog

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Today, I am starting my new blogging journey with spilore.blogspot.com. You may be wondering which language is this term spilore from! actually I, myself don't know if such word even exists. For me, it is combination of two terms Spirituality & Lore. Today I will not discuss about spirituality but if you are hearing the term 'lore' for the first time then it means  Knowledge acquired through education or experience.

This blog will be my primary blog for the year 2014 and this year, I hope to be more active in learning as well sharing. And by now, you may already have rightly guessed what i will be sharing here ;)


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Monday, 17 February 2014


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Once upon a time in varanasi there lived a hunter named Suswara.He lived with his wife and child in a small hut.One particular day,hunter wandered all over the jungle whole day and at night forget his way back home.Due to fear of wild animals at night time he climbed a tree to safeguard himself.
He could not sleep the whole night due to fear of wild animals so he spent whole night plucking leaves from the tree he was sitting and dropping them on the ground.The tree he was sitting was of bela and another unknown fact to him was there existed a shivalinga just beneath the branch he was sitting.So unknowingly he was offering bela to shivalinga.That night happened to be Shivaratri so the hunter had unknowingly kept a night long vigil and worshipped Shiva.
The story above has different versions and is told differently in different places but today let’s try to understand what the story may symbolise.
Various wild animals live in the jungle: Here Jungle represents human mind and wild animals in jungle resemble negativities like lust,anger,greed,infatuation,jealousy and hatred which keep wandering in our mind.
Suswara(name of hunter): Suswara means “one melodious voice”.This may indicate purity of intent and speech which is actually outcome of mental purity.
Varanasi(the origin place of hunter): Vara refers to the forehead while nasi means the nose.The point where both meet is Varanasi i.e the point midway between eyebrows.This point is called ‘aagya chakra’ which is regarded as a nexus of the three nadis: ida, pingala and sushumna.A spiritual aspirant who concentrates his or her mind on this point gains concentration and gradual control over his senses. The killing of the animals thus indicates control over one’s vasanas [latent tendencies].
Bela tree: Bela tree resembles spinal column.The tree’s leaves are special:each stalk has three leaflets.The three leaflets represent three nadis mentioned above.The climbing of the tree represents the ascent of the kundalini shakti from the muladhara to the aagya chakra.
Awake whole night: Keeping awake is symbolic of the kind of awareness and oneness of purpose that a spiritual aspirant needs to reach the goal. He cannot afford to be slack even for a moment.
Shiva: Shiva is the Supreme Consciousness that illuminates the three states of waking, dreaming and deep sleep. Offering the threefold bilva leaves to the Shivalinga heralds the return to a level of consciousness beyond the three states, which is the fourth state, turiya. The dawning of that state is consonant with the awakening of the individual.
(special note, bela tree mentioned in the story is scientifically named as Aegle Mermelos)
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