Saturday, 22 February 2014

Highway (movie experience)

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I usually watch movies in silent halls where so called gentlemen go and enjoy movies maintaining the silence like that of library. Even in the comic scene, their laughter is nothing more than a heavy breath out of nose. So to watch this movie, I went to some cheaper hall which is not actually cheap as the ticket price at discounted price was 50 or 100. They had no barrier setup between these two ticket lines and smart people would buy ticket worth 50 and occupy the seat worth 100. One gentleman probably made his mind that he will fully enjoy the money he has paid for ticket and then he was scolded by someone from behind,"you rascal, stop swinging! you bought ticket of rs 80 and are trying to break a seat worth rs 1000." My friend shouted "It's 100 today".First scene of the movie was in very small screen, everyone began shouting "this screen is as small as my TV at home, what's the benefit of coming to hall?.After sometime, movie went full screen and whistles roared.The movie started with lots of sceneries like that of Nepal. In one of the scene there was chimney from brick factory and someone from my back shouted "look bhaktapur". Actually, I was thinking the same. The movie is about a rich young girl(alia) getting kidnapped by criminal(randip) and story runs about what they do during their journey before she returns back to her powerful father.The movie had some realistic approach but that too much of darkness at the beginning of movie was actually frustrating. People were shouting "too much of loadshedding,in the movie". The movie gradually shifts from tense moment of kidnap to fun of getting kidnapped to dark side of our society like child abuse. Both Randip and alia had childhood to forget.The movie also shows the part of society where parents fail to emotionally support their child when they need and communication gap that grows with time, crime that happens in high class family and how they silence the victim for the sake of their prestige!The movie is good and portray of social crimes was what i liked most. Movie is not recommended to those who go to the hall expecting some item dance and some fights where actor beats villains as you will meet disappointment. I found movie realistic except at few places(some beginning scenes of kidnapping). I do think it's worth watching, it's unique.