Monday, 24 February 2014

what does meditation do?

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“Once there was a man who worked hard at a well-paying job. He had plenty of money, a nice house and a good life. But, there was one problem…
He never knew what time it was!
Even stranger, he wore a watch on his wrist all the time. But unfortunately, he didn’t realize that it was a watch! He just thought it was some sort of lucky bracelet. So he never used it, and could never keep track of time.”
Unable to perform tasks on time, his boss had to fire him.  Soon after losing his job, without any money, he lost his house as well, and soon sank into a deep depression…all because he could never figure out what time it was.
One day he met his best friend for coffee, and after a few minutes he broke down in tears sobbing, “I’m completely desperate, could you please tell me what time it is?” His friend looked at him completely surprised.
“I don’t need to tell you the time!” he exclaimed with a laugh, “you’re wearing a watch on your own wrist! You can tell the time all by your self.”
“But I’m not wearing a watch,” protested the man.
“Of course you are!” said the friend, ”just look!” and he pointed to the watch on the man’s wrist. Sure enough, there it was. With a shock, the man realized he’d been wearing a watch all along.”
That's the end of story. What happened here? a guy was wearing a watch and he was not aware of it and he suffered, this story won't make any sense if it is seen as it is but if we try to understand it on the basis of awareness the  lots of mysteries will be solved.
Watch has a simple purpose of giving time but if we don't have awareness about watch then watch cannot be used to its full potential. It is same with everything, we can utilise anything fully only if we are aware of it. So can we increase our efficiency by raising our awareness? Yes.
But how can awareness be raised, it can be raised through meditation. There are so many types of meditation and no matter what one follows the ultimate goal is raise in awareness. People say their concentration increased, confidence increased, and they got many more benefits from meditation. This is all actually the outcome of raised awareness.