Tuesday, 25 February 2014

intution or coincidince or anything

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Today, I am going to Lumbini for 3 days silence meditation course. Yesterday, me and manila went to buy the ticket and after buying ticket all of a sudden i said, "you keep the ticket". She was afraid that she might forget, the boy in ticket counter promptly replied,"it wont be much of problem even if we lost ticket" but still warned us to keep it carefully.
Then i realised i had expressed my will not to keep ticket with me unknowingly, probably i was sure to forget the ticket. I didn't feel like keeping in purse thinking probably it was about to get lost as i am about to lose ticket anyhow!
So i kept it in my bag,which i would be carrying for my tour and kept in a place which needed no rearrangement later. I felt relieved. Yesterday whole day i became busy and returned home at around 7, i had bag with me all the time until I was at dentist's clinic. I forgot to bring my bag from yhere. After i came home and rushed to the top to see firecrackers by army, i realised i had left my bag. I rushed back to clinic with hope of getting my bag back. I reached clinic and saw it was closed, i called them but they had landline numbers only and noone picked up. Now i re-remembered my previous will of not keeping ticket with me and how i had lost ticket as i was fearing. I had to go before clinic opens the next day!
I can't predict the future that is for sure but sometimes something happens like this and you are left wonderstruck.
Probably it's called intution but whole thing is strange! Co-incidence, well maybe even that is suitable word to write in blog ;)