Monday, 22 December 2014

Goodness is noone's responsibilty

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Once upon a time there was a politician who never took bribe. Day and night, he used to think how he can work for the welfare of the people and nation. Generally such people never reach to the powerful position but luckily he became a minister of state.

Next day one of his distant relative came saying, "will you use your power and get me nice government officer?" Politician said no. The relative returned sad and when he was back to village, he said to everyone, "now the politician has become a big man, he have forgotten his relatives, he act as if he doesn't need his relatives". He was not proud his relative politician was not corrupt. Next day at the coffee shop, he reads newspaper and says, "look all these corrupt leaders, it's because of them, my country has not progressed".

Next day a good social worker went to meet mr. politician and reminded him how worse was the condition of road in the village and now mr. politician was in power he should do something about it. With the effort of mr. politician, the amount needed for road development was sanctioned and the work was started.

Mr. relative was at the tea shop when all people were praising combined effort of mr. social worker and mr. social worker. Mr. relative said, "they surely must have done some embezzlement". Whole village believed and then went on to confront Mr. social worker. Mr. social worker was innocent but no one would believe him. Soon Mr. social worker left village and went somewhere else.

A teacher came from city with the aim of improving education in the village. Educational condition of the students was very poor. Thus he decided to provide extra tuition classes. But soon the villagers protested saying, teacher is spoiling their kids by keeping them whole day at school. There children now never do any work at home, the teacher has ruined the discipline of all the children. Teacher had to leave the village too.

There can be so many stories, In each of the stories those who try to do something are questioned but one who do nothing are never questioned. Everyone believes negative feedback blindly but goodness is no-one's responsibility.
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