Tuesday, 8 April 2014

follow the knowledge

Nowadays I often hear ”I want to work like you, you have so much dedication and are so happily working, but I don’t have faith in guruji, I cannot follow him”.
This amazes me not because I am being praised but the wrong concept that they cannot follow guruji. At first they should tell me, who told them to follow guruji! What does following guruji means?
           - Praising about him and saying all good things about him all the time? Is that something I do? I have never done that! Then where have they come up with this concept from!
One should know what is the meaning of guru! Guru means knowledge, one who is expert at something is called guru. It’s not human we should follow, it’s knowledge which needs to be followed. When someone says follow your guru, it means follow the knowledge and not human. It is your stupidness if you think you should follow human.
Many times we have seen people who like rajesh hamal or salman khan and they try to be like him and they end up making fun out of themselves. You were born unique, why would you die duplicate?
Do you remember your best teacher? Why were they your best? They were best because they knew something more than you on the field you were interested, they would always give more knowledge than you already knew.  You may have said you wanted to be like them which meant you want to be as knowledgeable  as him. If you like your maths teacher you want to be expert of maths, if you like your football teacher you want to be great footballer but when it comes to following a guru, you become confused!
Actually spiritual guru gives such a beautiful knowledge that you assume, these are just good for listening and can’t be followed but at the same time you also feel, if this and this person listened to this knowledge and acted like this, I would be happy. You think you can’t follow knowledge but deep down you know it can be followed.  Believe me, it would be much better if we start from ourselves.
Even I am not always in knowledge, I do make mistakes but that is perfectly normal for human. So if you don’t want to follow guruji, you have made some wrong assumption on following. Stop making fun of yourself and start following guru.  Start following guru, it’s not late yet.  And if you follow knowledge you will soon start respecting human too, not only guru but everyone else also.

Bottomline: If you follow fun, misery follows you, if you follow knowledge fun follows you.