Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Two different world

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scenario 1:
A family is poor, father has started drinking due to the stress of never having enough money. He comes and beats his wife. Children see this activity everyday. Child goes to school and bullies others. He doesn't know ho to love others as he only knows to imitate what he sees in home. He is dropped from school due to his rough behaviour. Father drinks more due to added tension by his kids. He blames mother for not taking proper care. He now beats wife and children. Child runs from home and end up in street. Poof! a future of nation is ruined. ( Now someone can please tell me, how does drinking and smoking help in stress? you kill yourselves and add more misery to your dear ones.)

Scenario 2: (real story) Today I was in a party organised by a good businessman. There was a huge crowd of people. I was enjoying my food while a women called me. She said,"is there no fan present in the hall? it is so hot in here and my baby is sweating". I pointed towards fan and said "there, it is...please go and stand there with ur child for sometime."
Her reply shocked me, she was drunk and was afraid to stand. She instead requested me to carry her child to fan for some time. The child was easy one and came to me easily. I carried the kid and went in front of fan and stood there for few minutes. Child was more relaxed now and began to show sign of sleepiness. My father had a flight at 9 and i had to get out from the party before 8:30, it was already 8 and I was carrying kid. I had not had my dinner yet. I was little bit worried now, but at the same time, two seats just infront of the fan became vacant, i called the women to sit in that chair. At first she blankly refused and insisted me to sit with child for more time. Then upon much insistence she moved to the seat infront of fan and I went for dinner.
In this scenario, I saw how life of kids in rich family was being ruined due to their parent's carelessness.

In both scenarios, root of problem is drinking. When I ask my friends not to drink, they say I don't know their tension, they don't want to drink but they have to because of tension. Most of them say, it's okay to drink occasionally like they do. And I have seen extreme things people do after getting drunk. 

This blog post has no story, no point, no moral and no spirituality. I am just sick of people who drink. You are pathetic if you drink. I don't hate who drink, I just have sympathy towards you all and hope all of you get some sense. You may have drunk and may not have done anything wrong yet but one day you may commit a big crime while you are intoxicated and that day you all wont have return path or way to improve that. If you want to handle stress learn meditation, using substances is not your medication for stress. Don't try to be your own doctor recommending drinks for your stress.